Tutorial One: The definition of all the tabs and things and what to do.

07/07/2013 19:35

This tutorial might be long. And it's only text (for now). Please bear with me!


You know what models are right? Things or people. Or stages. Well, it's complicated. Lemme explain filenames first.

.PMD: This is a model file (for a person or stage or thing)

.PMX: This is a model file (mostly people only)

.X: This is a common accessory file (Things and stages AND EFFECTS)

.MQO: This is a Blender file. For blender only.

.VPD: This is a Vocaloid Pose Data file. For poses you save or download.

.VMD: This is a Vocaloid Motion Data file. For motions you make.

I think that's it for files.

So... Let's start with models (people). How do you upload one? Easy. At the top of the window for MMDAI2, about in the middle, there's a button that says "add model". Click that and find your model and add it. If the model shows up and looks nice, like no glitches, that's good. By the way, what I mean by glitches is... Some models and stages and things and etc. don't work on mmdai2. The textures don't work. If a model shows up transparent in some areas or white or don't show up at all, delete the model from your computer. It's not worth keeping if it doesn't work right? The same thing can happen with stages. There are certain users on deviantArt that I don't get stages from because they never work. We'll talk about deviantArt more later.


Okay, so load your model. Got it? Now, click the "file" tab and click "insert motion to selected model". Then chose your motion, upload it, and click "play" to test it. If your model moves, it works! Yay! If it doesn't move, then that motion doesn't work with mmdai2. Oh well. Lemme tell you something... camera motions may or may not work. You have to load them by clicking "file>set camera motion" or something similar and with mine... nothing happens when I click it. I also don't know how to create motions on MMDAI2. Sorry. Better consult someone else on that. =T

I'm gonna wrap this up. Bye~